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Following the development of the situational analysis, each school will work with their community to develop their Strategic Improvement Plan.

The new Strategic Improvement Plan is uploaded into a simplified template using the SPaRO software. The school’s Strategic Improvement Plan is published on their website.

The Strategic Improvement Plan (in SPaRO), starts with the school vision statement and school context. These two statements provide an orientation to the school for those reading the plan.

The school’s vision statement describes the school’s shared aspirations for all students, and can include aspirations for teachers and leaders.

The context statement describes the school’s unique features that reflect the educational, geographical, and social characteristics of the school. It also clearly states the school’s identified areas for improvement as determined by the findings of the situational analysis.

In developing the plan, schools identify up to three strategic directions that reflect high level areas for improvement. These are based on the school’s situational analysis and community consultation, and should clearly articulate the focus of improvement.

The first strategic direction for all schools will focus on Student Growth and Attainment.

The other two directions can be chosen by schools. Each strategic direction is supported by a purpose statement. The purpose statement directly relates to the school’s vision and clearly explains why a strategic direction was chosen as a focus.

Improvement measures clearly identify the measureable improvement a school needs to make, in order to achieve the purpose statement of the strategic direction. Each school will plan a number of high level initiatives to achieve the improvement measures and success criteria for each strategic direction. Each initiative is planned, monitored and evaluated throughout the four year planning cycle.

The success criteria defines the specific artefacts, behaviours, and practices that will be seen or observed by the end of the four year cycle as a result of achieving the improvement measures.

Each school develops an evaluation plan by identifying the strategies, data and evidence that will be used to self-assess the progress towards, and the impact of, the strategic direction. This information will assist schools in future decision making. Schools monitor and track the implementation and progress of their plan on a regular basis in the SPaRO software.

Visit the NSW Education website and search ‘School Excellence’ to find the 2021 School Excellence in Action website. Or refer to the SPaRO user guide in SPaRO for more information on developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating your school’s Strategic Improvement Plan.

You can also watch the final video in the series on implementation and progress monitoring.

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