Resources to support schools develop a 2018-2020 School plan

How does the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) support school planning?

The RAM delivers funding based on student needs.

Principals consult with staff, parents and carers to determine the best way to support the learning needs of students in their schools using the total resources available.

All schools have a school plan published on their school website in which they must show their school communities how they propose to support students. Accountability for how the funds have been used and the impact on student learning outcomes is reported in the school annual report.

The School planning and reporting - Equity funding support package provides assistance to principals with planning for the strategic use of equity funding resources. It is available on the Schools funding website.

What tools are available to assist with school planning?

Further Reading

  • Learning Curve publications highlighting findings from analysis and evaluation produced by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation including:
  • What Works?
  • Using value-added measures to identify school contributions to student learning
  • Student engagement and wellbeing in NSW.

What software is available to support school planning?

All schools are required to use the School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO) software to input their school plan. SPaRO is available through My applications on the department’s staff portal.

From 2021, the school plan will be replaced by the Strategic Improvement Plan. Find out more.

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