While teachers, school based non-teaching staff and principals all have different responsibilities regarding student learning, wellbeing and safety, there is substantial overlap in the frustrations school staff can experience while engaging with various administration systems and processes.

Whether it be in student reporting, excursion planning, or the management of student welfare and disability support, feedback from schools has highlighted the importance of considering a variety of staff roles and support needs when designing improvements.

  • Improved the access request process for students applying for additional support provisions including the following changes:
    • Integration funding support for students in Year 6 is automatically rolled over to Year 7 at their secondary school without the need for a new access request which saves time for schools. 
    • A Centralised Integration Funding Support team has been established to support the funding application process to reduce the time taken to respond to requests, and changes to the system have reduced the need for applications to be returned to school for editing. 
    • Removal of access request applications for students requiring only an Itinerant support teacher hearing and vision which saves time for schools. 
    • New placement panel Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and system changes allow the disability confirmation to be updated by Delivery Support teams after application submission by schools resulting in reduced numbers of access requests returned to school for editing. 
    • Standardised panel procedures for access requests to be managed on average within 28 school days from submission, for requests for immediate and next term support provisions, to a panel decision being recorded. 

  • The Team Around a School model aims to provide schools with easy access to support using a ‘one call model’. School executive or learning and support team staff can contact their local Assistant Principal Learning and Support or Learning and Wellbeing Officer to request support. There is no form or application required. 

  • Established a panel of pre-screened specialised allied health professionals which can be readily engaged to support students with disability. 

  • Funded students to participate in sports carnivals and other activities, which reduced administrative tasks for school staff to administer collection and payment of sporting fees.  

  • Develop a process to quality-assure student wellbeing service programs to provide schools with improved support and clearer guidance.

  • Improving rural and remote teachers access to student files from any location, giving increased flexibility and access, especially in situations like floods, bushfires or pandemics. 

  • Teacher time spent on mandatory training is reduced through simplified eLearning modules without compromising on quality.

  • Develop an integrated application management system as part of the future access request experience. The system will link student needs, associated adjustments to National Consistent Collection of Data and applications for Integration Funding Support and support classes.

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