Departmental processes, policies and systems could be better aligned with the way schools operate. A range of improvements are already underway, including streamlining of policies, improving administrative technologies and simplifying processes.

It is anticipated that further opportunities will be identified as feedback continues to be sought and as case studies of innovative school administrative practices are collected and shared.

  • Introduced single-sign-on capability to main department systems.

  • Enhanced MyPL (professional learning management system), with a teacher dashboard and improved search functionality. 

  • Provided one-to-one support for the school budget.

  • Provided a digital school check-in solution for visitors, contractors and service providers 

  • Consolidated and streamlined departmental operational policy documents into one place to improve user experience

  • Published online toolkits which assist principals to communicate the latest operational settings and updates to families, staff and the community  

  • Digitise student administration forms that are used by schools, and provide quick reference guides (QRGs) to support schools with these processes

  • Ongoing streamlining and improvement of communication to schools 

  • Established a ‘process improvement and optimisation’ team, piloting best practice solutions across a selection of schools in metro and regional locations – including case studies of schools using innovative administration methods

  • Develop a digital ‘single front door’ and service catalogue to simplify the process for staff to find and use department information and services 

  • Further prioritise and limit changes impacting schools through the Master Schedule/Consolidated School Schedule.

  • Developing enhancements to the school check-in app 

  • Review end-to-end processes and develop tools and resources to support schools in setting up efficient local processes

  • Deliver a consolidated set of modern digital tools to accelerate operational leadership for new school principals 

  • Refresh the device strategy for schools to provide staff with updated and compliant devices and leverage contemporary learning tools

  • Automate data entry of payments into third party administrative systems 

  • Implement a new website search to improve intranet navigation and make information easier to locate

  • Develop supporting material to provide guidance for filling temporary roles (via expression of interest). 

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