Accreditation is a process by which teachers demonstrate quality teaching practice against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Accreditation upholds the integrity and accountability of the teaching profession and ensures high-quality teaching in every classroom.

Quality feedback and professional learning are central to improved practice and an integral part of accreditation. Many teachers find that locating the right information and documenting accreditation can be time consuming and challenging. The principle that teachers only need to ‘tell us once’ will drive the improvement to accreditation procedures.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) sets the accreditation policy for NSW. To solve common problems, the department will work with NESA to streamline processes.

  • Updated the department’s policy in line with NESA’s Teacher Accreditation Act changes, with a broader review of accreditation policies. 

  • Removed duplicative processes, steps and requirements between NESA and the department. 

  • Provided clear and simpler guidance on end-to-end accreditation steps for all roles.  

  • Developed system enhancements to simplify teachers’ ability to access and manage their accreditation information.   

  • Improved reminders for required steps and suggestions of how to keep on track with accreditation. 

  • Streamlined administration requirements for maintaining accreditation.  

  • Improved integration of accreditation with performance and development plans.  

  • Clarified guidance on recommended professional development linked to accreditation. 

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