Term 4 2022 Priority professional learning endorsed by the department

As part of our work in Clearing the Decks, we have created a professional learning (PL) catalogue that provides a central access point to the professional learning and development opportunities that have been endorsed by the executive as priority for Term 4.

This is for all school-based staff including teachers, school leaders, principals and non-teaching staff.

Note, this catalogue is only accessible to department staff.

Purpose of the Term 4 Prioritised PL Catalogue

We know there are abundant professional learning opportunities available across the department for school staff. This new catalogue provides a central access point where school staff can access professional learning and development opportunities that have been prioritised in Term 4, 2022.

This aims to make it easier for school staff to identify and navigate relevant professional learning and development opportunities to undertake, and eliminates the need for multiple individual emails and reminders.

All items on this catalogue have been endorsed by the executive as important or priority for Term 4 2022. This process seeks to ensure our school-based staff can deliver the highest quality education by giving them time to focus on the work that matters most – leading, teaching and supporting students.

This PL catalogue is a part of a broader program to simplify and improve the delivery of and access to all ongoing learning and development across the department.

How to use the Term 4 Prioritised PL Catalogue

This Prioritised PL catalogue is only available to department staff. If you are having difficulty accessing the site, please ensure you are logged into Office 365 with your department email address.

Navigate the Prioritised PL Catalogue by filtering based on the role, related area of learning or NESA category. Select a learning opportunity to view more information. Use the links on each learning opportunity to find out additional details or enrolment information.

Other PL opportunities

Any PL activities that haven’t gone through the Term 3 BAU Review that teams deem urgent to proceed, will need to be endorsed out-of-session by the BAU Review Panel.

Once a PL activity has been endorsed out-of-session by the BAU Review Panel, the item can be published on the central prioritised PL catalogue. Refer to contact details below for any queries.

MyPL and the Priority Professional Learning Selector

This new site is not intended to replace MyPL or the Priority Professional Learning Selector, but rather help school staff understand how to prioritise their time if they are to undertake professional learning in Term 4.

Flexible, online professional learning continues to be available on MyPL, so that staff can undertake learning and development at a time that best suits them.

The Priority Professional Learning Selector continues to provide a curated list of widely accessible professional learning for teachers and school leaders, making it easier to identify professional learning aligned to the School Excellence Framework and the Department’s Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff.

Mandatory training

Mandatory training will continue to be required to be completed upon commencement at the department as part of the induction process and kept up-to-date throughout employment. Please refer to the mandatory training page for details on your requirements.

Targeted support

Priority targeted support (for example network meetings, leadership meetings) for specific schools based on school improvement plans will continue to be delivered by the relevant teams and these schools will be contacted directly.

Selected approved leadership or professional development programs and pilot programs will also continue to be delivered to current participants who will be contacted directly.

Contact details

For enquiries about the Term 4 Prioritised PL Catalogue, please reach out to People, Culture and Capability Office PCCOffice@det.nsw.edu.au.

For enquiries about the BAU Review Panel, please reach out to reformprograms@det.nsw.edu.au for further information.

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