Further support for reflecting on teaching practice at proficient

Reflective practice is integral to a teacher’s professional growth. The following resources can be used to support beginning teachers to reflect on their practice against the Standards at the Proficient Teacher career stage:

Teaching Standards in Action

These Teaching Standards in Action Proficient courses support beginning teachers to develop their reflective practice:

This course offers 10 hours of NESA Registered PD that engages participants in a cycle of continuous reflection against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to identify specific, measurable goals by which they can build their practice.

This course offers 8 hours of NESA Registered PD where participants use the Quality Teaching Model to guide planning of and reflection on classroom and assessment practice.

Quality teaching rounds

The department’s Quality Teaching Online website brings together the strengths of professional learning communities, instructional rounds and the Quality Teaching Model to support reflection on the qualities of pedagogy that are empirically linked to improved student learning.

AITSL reflection resources

AITSL has published a range of resources that can support reflection on teaching practice against specific Standard Descriptors within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

For a list of resources that support the development of key areas of teaching practice for beginning teachers as identified in the research and the Standards at Proficient, refer to Support for the development of beginning teachers’ key practices.

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