Quality induction across the first two years

Quality induction takes time and focus as beginning teachers move from Graduate to Proficient during their first two years of teaching. This development is characterised by four distinct, yet interdependent phases:

Support the transition of beginning teachers into teaching and into their school settings in the first weeks and months that follow their appointment.

Develop beginning teachers' understanding of the teaching standards, and set up the processes of reflecting on practice and implementing PDPs.

Focus beginning teachers more broadly and deeply on teaching practice across the full range of Standard Descriptors needed for accreditation at the Proficient Teacher career stage.

Consolidate beginning teachers' practice at the Proficient Teacher career stage so they can confidently submit their evidence to the TAA (principal) to finalise their Proficient Teacher accreditation.

Each phase comprises critical actions that the principal, school staff and beginning teacher can take. For detailed guidance on these critical actions, refer to Critical actions during the phases of quality induction.

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