Quality induction with Strong start, great teachers

Every beginning teacher in a department school deserves a quality induction program in their critical first years of teaching - one that is structured, comprehensive and school-based.

Quality induction gives beginning teachers a strong start. It supports them to become capable and confident teachers, intent on maximising the learning outcomes of their students.

Enabling support

To facilitate quality induction, the department has introduced enabling support that includes:

  • funding for eligible beginning teachers and their in-school mentors
  • the Strong start, Great teachers website resource.

Strong start, Great teachers

The department's Strong start, Great teachers website supports school-based induction for beginning teachers. It provides information, advice and ideas on:

  • the phases of induction (including orientation)
  • the department’s 5C Model of school-based induction
  • the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the school community
  • the practice of reflecting against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • practical strategies in some of the key areas of focus for beginning teachers.

Quality induction - whose responsibility?

The principal, school staff and the beginning teacher all play a key role in the school’s induction process. Depending on the school’s size, location and the number of beginning teachers, support may be shared between the principal and other staff members, such as supervisors, in-school mentors, and buddy teachers.

Quality induction - three key steps

Three key steps can help to ensure your school delivers a quality induction program for beginning teachers:

  1. Include the different phases of induction: Use the phases of quality induction across the first two years of teaching for help.
  2. Embed the 5C Model: Use the department’s 5C Model of school-based induction for further assistance.
  3. Develop and refine practice: Use Reflection against the Standards - a critical practice for more information.

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Start with the first key step of quality induction. Use the phases of quality induction across the first two years of teaching for help

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