MyPL registered course application

The department's MyPL system streamlines the administrative processes of planning, managing and recording professional development (PD) for teachers. MyPL is an integrated system that permits learning authors to develop PD courses and activities, advertise them and manage their delivery. It also enables the NESA registered PD course application approval process.

The MyPL system serves different purposes in the department and allows for:

  • searching of advertised PD courses and activities across the department
  • enrolment by teachers into PD courses and activities
  • maintenance of teacher PD records within the department
  • the transfer of teacher completion records for NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) registered PD courses to NESA’s electronic time and attendance management system (eTAMS)
  • completion and approval of a NESA registered PD course application
  • the creation of a range of PD activities.

Essential fields for registered courses

There are 7 essential fields that must be completed by registered course applicants, in the following 2 sections of the MyPL system:

Catalogue item:

  • Course title
  • Summary of course
  • Rationale.

Additional course information:

  • Career stage
  • Session duration
  • Course content
  • Standard descriptors.

Each of the 7 fields must be completed when applying to register a course.

Tracking application status

Learning authors can track the status of their submission in MyPL during the approval process.

  • 'Draft' status indicates that the application is visible and editable by the learning author.
  • 'Pending endorsement' status indicates that the application has been submitted to the learning author’s supervisor and is only editable by them.
  • 'Pending approval' status indicates that the application has been endorsed and submitted to the Teacher Quality team and is only editable by them.
  • 'Pending final approval' status indicates that the application is currently undergoing assessment, after which it will be approved or declined, or a request made for the course to be resubmitted.
  • 'Available in catalogue' status indicates that the application has been given full approval and the course can be offered to teachers as NESA registered professional development.

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