Teachers achieve accreditation by:

  • demonstrating they meet all Standards for Proficient Teacher (however, collecting/annotating evidence for all 37 Standard Descriptors is not required)
  • annotating and submitting 5 - 8 items of documentary evidence that demonstrate they have reflected on their practice against the Standards (each item must address 2 - 4 Standard Descriptors and not exceed 10MB, with the total not exceeding 35 single-sided pages)
  • submitting an observation report on their practice (by their supervisor)
  • acknowledging they have read the Proficient Teacher Accreditation Report (by their supervisor) in their NESA online account.

Collectively, the above evidence must address at least one Proficient Teacher Standard Descriptor from each of the seven Standards.

When the school is confident that the teacher has met all Standard Descriptors at the Proficient teacher stage, the school completes the teacher's Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Report. This written report accompanies the teacher's supporting evidence.

NESA Proficient Teacher Accreditation Policy (2018), Sections 4.2.2 - 4.2.4, Pages 4-6

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