Effective professional development and TSA courses

The Teaching standards in action (TSA) courses put research-based, best practice professional development into action.

Each course is designed to incorporate the characteristics of effective professional development (PD) to positively impact on teacher practice and student outcomes.

The TSA courses are relevant and flexible across a range of contexts. They are designed for collaboration and based on authentic practice. They challenge participants, keep a focus on sustained impact, and recognise and embrace changing local and global contexts.

TSA courses offer effective PD

The TSA courses offer effective professional development by being relevant, collaborative, practice-based, future-focused, challenging and sustained. These are the characteristics of effective PD.


The TSA suite of courses are relevant to:

  • allow for the customised application of PD that is responsive to individual and school needs
  • enable teachers and leaders to engage flexibly, deciding how, when and where they participate in PD
  • support teachers at all stages to maintain their accreditation due to their close alignment to the Australian professional standards for teachers (the standards) at the proficient, highly accomplished and lead career stages
  • equip teachers and leaders to respond to changing processes and policies in the department.


The TSA suite of courses are collaborative to:

  • facilitate collaboration in critical areas of practice identified in the standards including planning, designing and implementing quality lessons, creating safe learning environments and assessing and providing feedback to students on their learning
  • provide authentic activities and purposeful processes that connect teachers to colleagues, school based mentors and school leaders
  • assist those leading the PD of others through explicit supervisor support and structured course processes that encourage collaborative reflection on practice
  • encourage teachers to engage professionally with colleagues, a key requirement of the standards, emphasising the importance of collaborative practice at all career stages.


The TSA suite of courses are practice-based and:

  • aim to impact on students’ learning through a focus on building teachers’ capacity to implement quality classroom practice
  • assist to expand teachers’ repertoire of effective teaching strategies to meet a diverse range of student needs
  • connect teachers with up-to-date research, theories and practical tips to put those theories into practice
  • provide differentiated PD to support teachers at the different levels of practice required at the proficient, highly accomplished and lead career stages.


The TSA suite of courses are future-focused to:

  • actively promote the use of new knowledge, skills and technologies in the classroom to engage students and improve learning outcomes
  • support collaborative and innovative approaches to PD
  • recognise the impact of rapidly changing environmental and global pressures by offering flexibility in delivery
  • provide up-to-date knowledge and practice targeted to professional needs, as identified in the standards.


The TSA suite of courses are challenging and:

  • generate new understandings and collegial discussion about what research has found to positively impact student outcomes
  • provide opportunities for leaders to implement change in teacher practice through the provision of processes, protocols and practical tips
  • enable teachers to evaluate and expand their own professional knowledge, practice and engagement as reflected in the domains in the standards
  • connect existing challenges for teachers to research based, proven pedagogically based solutions.


The TSA suite of courses are sustained to:

  • support participants to work through a variety of connected focus areas within a course, by facilitating meaningful engagement over an extended period of time
  • use well-designed principles and resources that promote and maintain focus throughout the duration of each course
  • encourage teachers to seek support from colleagues, and connect teachers to professional networks in line with the intent of the standards
  • support the ongoing reflection and evaluation of PD and enhance teacher efficacy across career stages over time.

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