Evaluating learning, improving teaching

Course Code: RG00321

Exemplary teachers constantly use data and other evidence to evaluate how well their students are progressing in response to their lessons. They also know that scaling up this expertise beyond the boundaries of their own classroom is no mean feat. It takes pedagogical know-how and change management skills. If you aspire to lead and support your school to flourish and grow through evaluative practice, this is the course to help you.

NESA Registered Professional Development hours12 hours
Standard descriptors

3.2.4, 3.6.4, 6.2.4, 6.3.4, 6.4.4

Once you have completed the course, your NESA Registered Professional Development hours will be automatically transferred to your NESA record.


You will learn to:

  • use the Plan, Do, Check, Act and 6 Steps of Continuous Improvement models to implement large scale, sustainable change
  • calculate, identify, triangulate and analyse data, including effect sizes, to make accurate judgements about student learning
  • set specific, measurable goals to give students and teachers a clear understanding of expectations
  • project manage new practices through planning, scheduling and risk management
  • trial, evaluate and adjust new practices to clarify the link between teachers’ actions and students’ results.

Teaching practices

  • Assessing learning and giving feedback
  • Evaluate teaching and learning


Download supervisor support notes for Evaluating learning, improving teaching (DOCX 219KB)

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