Non-school-based teachers

A non-school-based teacher (NSBT) provides high-quality and expert support to NSW public education.

Your duties may be related to:

  • the development or implementation of the curriculum (including assessment and reporting) for preschool, primary and secondary education
  • the learning and wellbeing of school students or preschool children
  • curriculum teaching and learning in schools and preschools
  • educational consultation for schools and preschools.

You can continue to use the Performance and Development Framework and the Standards to guide your professional growth in your NSBT role.

Maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation

As a NSBT it is highly recommended to maintain your accreditation with NESA. Maintaining accreditation demonstrates your commitment to continually developing and strengthening effective practice to enhance student learning and engagement.

During your maintenance cycle you need to:

  • demonstrate that your teaching practice continues to meet the Standards
  • complete and evaluate 100 hours of professional development (see below for more information)
  • plan, implement and review your PDP annually with the support of your supervisor
  • pay the accreditation fee by the due date each year
  • hold a current verified NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance
  • confirm in eTAMS that you have maintained your practice at Proficient and completed all requirements.

Important update from NESA

Are you an experienced teacher who was teaching before 1 October 2004 (pre-2004) and was accredited at Proficient Teacher on 1 January 2018? This information is for you.

  • Your first maintenance of accreditation period finishes on:
    • 31 December 2022 if you are working full time
    • 31 December 2024 if you are working casual or part time.
  • If you have met the requirements for maintaining accreditation, you can submit your maintenance of accreditation at any time between:
    • the start of Term 2, 2022 and December 2023 if you are working full time
    • the start of Term 2 2024 and December 2025 if you are working casual or part time.
  • Once your TAA makes a decision to accredit, your new maintenance period will begin.
  • Your PD hours will then count towards your new maintenance period.

Further support

The department has a maintaining accreditation Yammer group that you can access for further support. You can also contact the accreditation team for advice

You can view your maintenance due date by accessing your NESA online account (eTAMS)

Your NESA number can be found in:

Contact the accreditation support team for TAA information

If you are taking leave from teaching, you can apply for a leave of absence from your accreditation. A leave of absence can be granted for a period of 6 months up to 5 years.

Whilst on a leave of absence, you can continue to accrue professional development (PD) hours provided they align to the Standards and meet NESA’s criteria for elective PD. Evaluated PD hours will count towards your current maintenance period.

You cannot teach in any NSW school or preschool while on a leave of absence and your annual fees may not apply.

You can apply for leave through eTAMS. For past leave, you can submit a retrospective leave of absence application via email to NESA – Retrospective NESA Leave of Absence application.

You must complete and evaluate a minimum of 100 hours during each maintenance cycle:

  • NESA Accredited PD – minimum 50 hours
    This includes any course delivered through an endorsed provider across NESA’s identified priority areas and aligned to the Standards. This must be evaluated in NESA eTAMS account
  • Elective PD – This may include activities completed in or outside school that contribute to ongoing professional learning, such as educational leadership or mentoring. PD must meet NESA Elective PD criteria.

Two methods for logging Elective PD

Self-identified Elective PD

  1. Log in to your NESA eTAMS account.
  2. Select from the left-hand menu Maintenance of Accreditation > Elective PD > Add Elective PD.
  3. Provide activity details.
  4. Select Add Elective Activity.


  1. Log in to your NESA eTAMS account.
  2. Select from the left-hand menu Maintenance of Accreditation > Elective PD.
  3. Select any PD activity currently in draft status.
  4. Follow the prompts to log activity.
  5. Select Add Elective Activity.

For support evaluating PD visit NESA's website.

It is important to maintain your professional development hours and ensure your accreditation remains current in order to teach in any NSW school. For information on how to apply for reaccreditation, visit NESA’s website.

NESA’s maintenance of accreditation transition arrangements

If your maintenance cycle started before 29 November 2020 you must adhere to NESA's transition maintenance requirements.

  • If your accreditation is due in 2021, you must make sure your remaining PD hours meet NESA's Elective PD criteria.
  • If your accreditation is due from 2022 onward, you must complete at least one NESA Accredited PD course. The rest of your required hours need to meet NESA's Elective PD criteria.

For more detail, read the Accumulate your professional development hours fact sheet (PDF 209KB) and NESA transition arrangements.

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Contact details

If you have any questions about accreditation procedures within the department, contact the accreditation support team at

You can also contact NESA on 1300 739 338 or

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