The registered course approval process

Once a supervisor endorses and submits a registered course application in MyPL, it undergoes a quality assurance process to be approved as a NESA registered professional development course.

All registered course applications are assessed within 10 working days, and are either:

  • approved
  • declined
  • returned to the learning author for resubmission.

A quality course application that adheres closely to the advice provided on Submit course application will ensure that a course is registered in a timely way.

Registered courses are quality assured by a rigorous process that involves:

  • a first review to ensure that all necessary information across the 7 essential fields is sufficient and complete
  • a robust assessment against the standard descriptor/s of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (and where needed, a further review by a quality assurance panel and/or feedback and advice to improve the course application)
  • the recommendation to approve, decline or resubmit.

It is vital that professional development learning authors provide explicit and detailed information in their application to ensure a smooth and efficient assessment at each stage of the approval process.

Note: NESA registered course applications must be approved before teachers attend a course. This ensures the course completion can be recorded as part of their NESA maintenance of accreditation requirements. If a course is delivered to teachers prior to approval, it will not contribute to their accreditation requirements, and will not be backdated.

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