Delivering registered courses

The delivery of NESA registered professional development courses in the department must be consistent with all details specified in the course application.

Course delivery

Adherence to the course details outlined in the application is essential, including the course title, course identifier, hours, content and standard descriptors. The course must be delivered consistently to a high standard to ensure that each teacher receives the described professional learning experience.

Author responsibilities

Where a course is being delivered by teachers or officers who are not the learning author of the professional development, the author remains accountable for:

  • confirming that the teachers or officers have the appropriate skills and expertise required to deliver the course
  • monitoring and providing feedback on the performance of the teachers or officers to ensure quality delivery and adherence to the approved course application
  • ensuring teachers or officers have a thorough understanding of the content and the standard descriptors before delivering the course.

It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that all sessions are scheduled in MyPL each time it is offered to staff, even if the course is delivered by others.

The author can track and monitor each session by adding the teacher or officer delivering the course as a 'session support officer' in MyPL.

Advertising the course

All approved NESA registered professional development (PD) courses, once available in the MyPL catalogue, can be promoted in line with the NESA registered professional development promotional guidelines.

Note: a course cannot be advertised as a NESA registered PD course until it is approved and available in the catalogue.

Finalising course completion records

Learning authors are responsible for finalising course completion records unless they delegate to their session support officer. This must be completed within 30 days of the course being delivered, to ensure the accurate and timely administration of records.

Records of completion for all department NESA registered PD courses are updated on NESA’s electronic time and attendance management system (eTAMS) on a daily basis.

Course evaluation by participants

Once the course attendance records have been finalised by the author, teachers who have completed the course must evaluate it using NESA’s eTAMS. This ensures the professional development hours contribute to their maintenance of accreditation requirements.

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