NESA registered professional development

The department has broad endorsement from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to provide NESA registered professional development at the proficient, highly accomplished and lead career stages.

This is across all standards within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards).

The department reviews and approves NESA registered professional development (PD) courses created by any school, operational or state office directorate, which means applications do not need to be approved by NESA.

The department as a NESA endorsed provider

The department's endorsed provider status is managed and coordinated by the teacher quality team, who ensure ongoing compliance with NESA's criteria in their 'Endorsement of Professional Development Providers and Courses Policy’.

The teacher quality team is responsible for providing advice to schools, operational and state office directorates about the interpretation and implementation of the endorsed provider criteria, and the quality assurance processes related to this status.

The department's registered course approval process broadly aligns to the process NESA applies when it reviews and approves external providers who deliver NESA registered PD courses to NSW teachers.

There is also a series of requirements that need to be adhered to when delivering PD courses, such as a consistency and quality of course delivery, advertising, finalising course completion records, and teacher evaluation.

The MyPL system

All applications for NESA registered PD are submitted to the department through MyPL, the system for planning, managing and recording professional learning.

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