Enrolment and registration number (ERN)

Enrolment and registration number (ERN) is a web-based, central database that is used to manage the student enrolment process and is accessed through the department’s portal. In addition to student management at the school level, ERN has additional functions that streamline administrative processes, such as the collection of statistics to meet state and commonwealth reporting requirements.

The ERN training overview provides facilitators with the purpose, key outcomes and best training practice when using the following modules in ERN training.


Take a tour of ERN in the training environment and learn about the menus, screen tips & links, coloured flags and setting up your profile in ERN.

ERN introduction session plan (PDF)

ERN introduction PowerPoint (PPT)

Student enquiry

Learn to manage the enrolment data of students by locating students in ERN, updating family details, emergency contacts and medical data.

ERN student enquiry session plan (PDF)

ERN student enquiry session plan PowerPoint (PPT)

Student registration

Registering a new student involves being able to determine if a student already has an ERN record. Learn how to search and register a new student in your school.

ERN student registration session plan (PDF)

ERN student registration PowerPoint (PPT)

ERN student registration exercises (PDF)


Access the different types of reports available in ERN entering the criteria, saving reporting criteria, scheduling and downloading in PDF or CSV formats.

ERN reports session plan (PDF)

ERN reports PowerPoint (PPT)

ERN reports exercises (PDF)

Family manager

Learn the importance of accurately managing family relationships in ERN and the implications of making changes to students' family structures. Practice making changes in the ERN training environment.

ERN family manager session plan (PDF)

ERN family manager PowerPoint (PPT)

ERN family manager exercises (PDF)
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