School Administrative and Support Staff

School Administrative and Support (SAS) staff make an important contribution to student progress and achievement through their support of school management, teaching practice and the maintenance of positive relationships with students, parents and the community.

The Leadership and High Performance Directorate provides professional learning support for all SAS staff to develop capacity by learning new skills.

  • Find out how the Excellence in School Administration (ESA) strategy can enhance the administrative capacity of your school by focusing on the relationship, leadership and administrative practices of non-teaching staff.
  • Find out if you are eligible to apply for SAS Staff Study Assistance.
  • Find out more about SAS Staff Reference Groups who provide professional learning opportunities for non-teaching staff statewide.
  • Access resources including e-learning and powerpoint sessions.
  • Access the statewide professional learning calendar.

Further information

SAS staff professional learning team
Level 13, 1 Oxford St Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone 02 9266 8240

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