Volume 42 2023

In this issue:

  • Curating texts for the classroom: picture books in history or the history of picture books by Joanne Rossbridge
  • Using research and evidence well in practice: the format matters by the Monash Q Project team: Dr Hang Khong, Blake Cutler, Dr Jo Gleeson, Dr Mark Rickinson, Dr Lucas Walsh and Dr Genevieve Hall
  • ‘Being a writer means being able to begin.’ Creative writing and The Coconut Children by Richard Short
  • Play to project: investigative learning in Stage 1 by Sophie Parsons and Ariana Davis
  • Tackling hateful conspiracy theories and fake news – what can teachers and students do? by Stijn Denayer and Ramy Sedrak
  • The three spheres of library skills: best practice in library lessons by Mali Jorm
  • Understanding and supporting gifted students with disability by Jillian Wyatt
  • Supporting a student who stutters: what schools can do by Associate Professor Robyn Lowe, Professor Ross Menzies, Associate Professor Sue O’Brian, Professor Mark Onslow and Professor Ann Packman.
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