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Silje Andersen-Cooke

Silje is the Youth Advisor at the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, where she advises on the youth engagement and communications strategy. Previously she has worked at Twitter in public policy, and volunteered for the Young & Well Cooperative Research Centre to help create products and processes that improve young people’s mental health through technology.

Jennifer Asha

Portrait photo of Jennifer Asha

Jennifer Asha is a literacy educator in primary and tertiary settings with expertise in teaching and learning visual literacy.

Beryl Aylett

Portrait photo of Beryl Aylett

Beryl Aylett is a teacher librarian at Metella Road Public School. She completed her teacher training at Northern Rivers University and later undertook a Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) at Charles Sturt University. Beryl has taught full time in Western Sydney for 27 years. In retirement, Beryl looks forward to illustrating and publishing a semi-fictionalised account of her mother’s childhood.

Gaye Braiding

Gaye Braiding is a teacher at Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre, Epping North Public School, and NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education. Gaye is also an experienced writer of curriculum resources, and is passionate about environmental education.

Dr Rachel Buchanan, Associate Professor Erica Southgate, Dr Jill Scevak, & Dr Shamus P Smith


Dr Rachel Buchanan, Associate Professor Erica Southgate, Dr Jill Scevak and Dr Shamus P Smith are all members of the Digital Identity, Culture and Education [DICE] Research Network at the University of Newcastle. http://dice.newcastle.edu.au/index.html

Belinda Cameron

Belinda Cameron

Belinda Cameron, teacher librarian at Maclean High School on the North Coast, enjoys researching and designing collaborative spaces and projects that support local and global community connections.

Basil Capizzi

Portrait photo of Basil Capizzi

Basil Capizzi is a Legal Studies teacher and Assistant Mathematics Coordinator at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield. A former solicitor, he believes in the importance of legal education in preparing adolescents to be informed citizens. He is also a sessional tutor at ACU, working to develop pre-service teachers.

Cathie Cattermole

Cathie Cattermole is a teacher librarian and I-Centre coordinator at James Erskine Public School in Western Sydney. She moved into the role in 2009 after 19 years of teaching, and has a keen interest in digital technologies, particularly coding and robotics. She also loves inspiring STEM projects using picture books.

Jackie Child

Jackie Child is a teacher librarian/Junior School technologies coordinator at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and a sessional tutor at Griffith University for pre-service teachers. Jackie has been teaching primary aged students for 42 years in a number of countries. She is passionate about how children learn through a constructivist pedagogy.

Dr Janet Dutton

Dr Janet Dutton has significant experience in schools as a leader and teacher in English, Drama and History and in teacher education as a lecturer and tertiary mentor. Her scholarly contribution to education includes conference presentations, book chapters and the wide-ranging delivery of professional learning. She has also has worked in developing assessment and curriculum at national and state level organisations and was the Chief Examiner, English for the NSW Higher School Certificate 2011-2016. Janet is a lecturer in Secondary English in the Department of Educational Studies at Macquarie University.

Holly Godfree and Olivia Neilson

Holly Godfree is a teacher librarian at Lake Tuggeranong College in the ACT and is passionate about her profession’s positive and important impact on teaching and learning. Olivia Neilson is the teacher librarian at Lyneham Primary School in the ACT and is passionate about public education and equity.

Thomas Gough

Portrait photo of Thomas Gough

Thomas Gough, teacher at Glenwood Public School, provides a thorough, user-friendly introduction to filmmaking in the classroom. This year, his students’ short film, Chocolypse!, screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival and won gold at the International Schools Film Festival.

Prudence Greene

Portrait photo of Prue Greene

Prue Greene is Senior Curriculum Support Officer English K-12, NSW Department of Education

Kristy Hawkins

Kristy Hawkins is a classroom teacher at Harrington Park Public School. She is a facilitator of Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE).

Kylie Lawrence

Kylie Lawrence is one of three full time teacher librarians at Hunter Valley Grammar School, located in Ashtonfield, NSW. Her interests include exploring strategies and opportunities for incorporating visual literacy in STEAM learning.

Dr Marie Murphy

Marie Murphy

Dr Marie Murphy has worked as a principal, researcher, team leader and teacher in a range of educational settings and systems. Marie is interested in building leadership capability in schools and working with leaders to build relationships with parents and community. She is the director of CLASS: Coaching Leaders in Australian Schools and teachers at the University of Sydney.

Professor Toni Noble and Professor Helen McGrath

Professor Toni Noble and Professor Helen McGrath are teacher educators, psychologists, researchers and educational consultants. Toni Noble is an Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University. Helen McGrath is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Education at Deakin University. Their teacher resources include ‘BOUNCE BACK!; HITS & HOTS’ on student engagement, ‘PROSPER School Pathways for Student Wellbeing: Policy and Practices’ and other books. Their government projects include the 2011 National Safe Schools Framework, the Scoping Study on Student Wellbeing and resourcing the Safe Schools Hub.

Megan Perry

Landscape photo of Megan Perry

Megan Perry is the Manager of Learning at the State Library of NSW. Megan is an experienced History teacher and Teacher Librarian and has been involved with the building of a number of learning centres and libraries including the Centre for Learning and Leadership at the Kings School, The Resource Centre at John Paul College Brisbane, and the renovation of the Stephenson, Glengarry and the Prep School Libraries at the Scots College Sydney and Kangaroo Valley. Megan’s interests include data mining, the science behind the authentication of historic artefacts, American political systems and management during turbulent times.

Fay Prideaux

Portrait photo of Fay Prideaux

Fay Prideaux is a teacher librarian at Yarrawarrah Public School. After over 40 years teaching primary classes, Fay has moved to the library where she enjoys fostering students’ imaginations and igniting their passion for reading, sharing, and thinking outside the square.

Jennifer Riley

Jennifer Riley

Jennifer Riley is Relieving Principal of Melrose Park Public School. She is passionate about engaging students through innovative practices and real world problem solving.

Dr Kathy Rushton

Dr Kathy Rushton is interested in the development of literacy, especially in socio-economically disadvantaged communities with students learning English as an additional language or dialect. She is an experienced EAL/D and classroom teacher having worked in primary and secondary settings and with adults learning English. She is a lecturer in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. Kathy also provides professional learning for teachers, especially in the areas of literacy and language development.

Dr Cathy Sly

Dr Cathy Sly, author and consultant. Cathy’s recent PhD thesis investigated graphic novels from a narratological perspective.

Kieran Sly

Portrait photo of Kieran Sly

Kieran Sly is a classroom teacher and ICT coordinator at Harbord Public School specialising in engaging students with the use of technology in flexible learning spaces.

Prue Sommer

Portrait photo of Prue Sommer

Prue Sommer is a teacher and HSIE coordinator at Murray Farm Public School, Carlingford. She is also qualified to teach Stage 4 and 5 History. Prue is passionate about engaging students in HSIE through authentic tasks that are connected to real-world contexts.

Erica Southgate, Rachel Buchanan, Shamus P Smith, Jill Scevak, Chris Cividino, Shane Saxby, Graham Eather, Candece Bergin, Jivvell Kilham and David Summerville

Erica Southgate, Rachel Buchanan, Shamus P Smith and Jill Scevak are all members of the Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE) research group. Chris Cividino, Shane Saxby, Graham Eather, Candece Bergin, Jivvel Kilham and David Summerville are staff at Callaghan College.

Robert Stevens, Tracey Cronley, Ann Eckert, Mary Kidd, Natasha Liondos, Gillian Newall, Mark Pilkington, Ben Rekic, Liliana Ructtinger

Natasha LiondosLiliana Ructtinger

Dr Robert Stevens is Manager, Research in School Policy and Information Management in the NSW Department of Education. Robert and the co-authors were involved in preparing a literature review on preventing student disengagement and re-engaging disengaged youth at the request of the NSW Department’s Legal Services Directorate.

Jodie Torrington

Portrait photo of Jodie Torrington

Jodie Torrington is a Year 3 teacher and Stage 2 co-ordinator at Broughton Anglican College in Menangle Park. She has been a teacher since 1995 and has worked in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Victoria, New Zealand and New South Wales in a variety of supervisory roles and classroom positions. She is currently completing her Masters of Education degree.

June Wall

June Wall is the Library Coordinator, NSW Department of Education, and an Adjunct Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University. She was previously an independent Consultant, eLearning and Libraries and a Teacher Quality Consultant for the Association of Independent Schools, NSW. She has been a teacher at primary and secondary levels, a lecturer, a professional development and education consultant, Head of Department, special librarian, teacher librarian and computer coordinator in the government and non-government sectors for over 35 years.

Narelle Walton

Portrait photo of Narelle Walton

Narelle Walton is a classroom teacher at Harbord Public School specialising in supporting students with individual education plans in flexible learning spaces.

Garreth Wigg

Garreth Wigg is the Student Innovation, ICT and Administration Coordinator at St Gregory's Primary School, Queanbeyan. Garreth has taught in schools in the UK, NSW and the ACT. His current role involves working as a STEM instructional coach.

Helen Yip

Helen Yip teaches visual arts and photography, video and digital imaging at Asquith Girls High School. Helen is also the Metropolitan Professional Development Project Officer for VADEA (Visual Arts and Design Educators Association).

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