Vol 37 2018

No 1

Video-based instruction - using 1:1 devices for effective differentiation in the classroom by Jodie Torrington

Beyond the plebiscite - a Legal Studies update by Basil Capizzi

SPaRK - 'Aquatica: A beginner's field guide' (Lance Balchin) by Cathy Sly

No 2

The challenges and rewards of shared space collaborative teaching by Narelle Walton and Kieran Sly

Peer reviewed article - Expert insights into education for positive digital footprint development by Dr Rachel Buchanan, Associate Professor Erica Southgate, Dr Jill Scevak and Dr Shamus P Smith

SPaRK - 'Around the World in 80 Puzzles' (Aleksandra Artymowska) by June Wall

No 3

Peer reviewed article - Poets in the making: Confirming identity in English by Dr Janet Dutton and Dr Kathy Rushton

Bounce Back! A positive education approach to enhancing wellbeing, resilience and social-emotional learning in the primary years by Toni Noble and Helen McGrath

SPaRK - 'The Curious Garden' (Peter Brown) by Gaye Braiding

No 4

Peer reviewed article - Highly immersive virtual reality by Erica Southgate, Rachel Buchanan, Chris Cividino, Shane Saxby, Graham Eather, Shamus P Smith, Candece Bergin, Jivvel Kilham, David Summerville and Jill Scevak

Visual literacy skills for STEAM innovation by Kylie Lawrence

Inside the Google for Education Certified Innovator program by Garreth Wigg

No 5

Young & eSafe: Teaching digital resilience by Silje Andersen-Cooke

Learning collaboratively through self-organised learning environments by Kristy Hawkins

SPaRK - 'How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking' (John Ingledew) by Helen Yip

No 6

Information + competency + literacy = fluency. A thought piece by June Wall

Literature and technology by Jackie Child

SPaRK - 'NSW ecosystems on show' (NSW Department of Education) by Gaye Braiding

No 7

Teaching visual grammar in the context of digital texts by Jennifer Asha

Make a difference (MaD) - spotlight on teacher librarians, with contributions from Belinda Cameron, Cathie Cattermole, Beryl Aylett and Fay Prideaux

No 8

Uncertainty, a gift and a challenge by The National Initiatives and Performance Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Through a tunnel darkly by Megan Perry

Technology for learning leader in robotics by Jennifer Riley

SPaRK - 'SIX Maps' (NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation) by Prue Sommer

No 9

Cultivating student engagement (Part 1) by Robert Stevens and co-authors

Engaging students in historical inquiry through objects and living history experiences by Gaye Braiding

School libraries matter! The missing piece in the education puzzle by Holly Godfree and Olivia Neilson

No 10

Cultivating student engagement (Part 2) by Robert Stevens and co-authors

Movies with class: Making quality movies at school by Thomas Gough

Peer reviewed article - Mind the gap: the critical role of school leaders in promoting parents and teachers as partners by Dr Marie Murphy and Dr Kathy Rushton

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