Vol 36 2017

No 1

The challenge of managing the empowered school community by Mal Lee

STEM education: primary STEM showcase by Rachelle Winning

School libraries as incubators - where good ideas hatch! by Sunny South

Peer reviewed article - Computational thinking task design and assessment by Liliana Ructtinger & Robert Stevens

SPaRK - 'Sticky' by Gaye Braiding

SPaRK - A Child of Books by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Did You Take the B from My _ook? by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - My Two Blankets by Mira Najdovska and Kelly Hodkinson

No 2

Help wanted: 2017 is seeking discerning digital citizens by Jenny Luca

Planning, writing, publishing and marketing by Catherine Clift

Peer reviewed article - Connecting beyond the Classroom - Move from local to global learning modes by Julie Lindsay

SPaRK - Lion: A Long Way Home by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Rockhopping by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Ephemeral Architecture by Helen Yip

SPaRK - Plant by Helen Yip

No 3

Representation in English by James Hoffman

Value of using picture books in geography by Jennifer Curtis

Developing innovative thinkers and positive risk-takers Helen Yip

Peer reviewed article - Multi-platformed historical fiction: Literacy, engagement and historical understanding by Debra Donnelly

SPaRK - The Bone Sparrow by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Madaya Mom by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Mechanica by Kelly Hodkinson

No 4

Teaching mathematics through picture books by Catherine Attard

Crossing cultural boundaries with graphic novels by Cathy Sly

Quality teaching in our schools by Lee-Anne Collins

Unlocking the third space - Activating your library by Julie Grazotis

Mastering the art of digital scholarship: from mind to mind by Judy O'Connell

Peer reviewed article - "It's all lighted up, because this is a happy ending." Beginning critical literacy - young children's responses when reading image and text by Alicia Rankine and Jon Callow

SPaRK - Ballpoint Art by Helen Yip

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