Vol 35 2016

No 1

Showcasing evidence based practice [PDF 2.9mb] by Jenny Scheffers and Najwa Joukhdar

Collaboration and the power of team teaching [PDF 1.5mb] by Lizzie Chase

Finding the heart of English [PDF 1.3mb] by Prue Greene

Geography K–10: Creating active global citizens [PDF 2.9mb] by Jennifer Curtis

SPaRK - Desert visions: Topography of the psyche. Mapping a network of practice [PDF 795kb] by Helen Yip

No 2

The will, the skill and the understanding [PDF 1.9mb] by Peter Gould

Peer reviewed article - A science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) review of the research [PDF 3mb] by June Wall

SPaRK - Footpath Flowers [PDF 604kb] by Cath Keane

SPaRK - Improving everyday life with robotics. Engibear's Dream [PDF 243kb] by Amanda Lee

SPaRK - Our social environment: meeting the needs of users. Kid Architects and Sustainable Design [PDF 294kb] by Amanda Lee

SPaRK - Surviving natural disasters. Cyclone [PDF 273kb] by Amanda Lee

SPaRK - How do we know there is life on Mars? Mars Lab [PDF 243kb] by Alice Leung

SPaRK - How does genetic engineering affect us? Genetically Engineered Crops [PDF 361kb] by Alice Leung

No 3

Text selection [PDF 1.6mb] by Catherine Thomson

Preparing to work with textual concepts in K–6 English [PDF 2.5mb] by Mel Dixon

Demystifying the big ideas of English [PDF 959kb] by Elizabeth Williams

The Quality Literature Corridor at Cammeray Public School [PDF 5.8mb] by Sally Rasaiah

SPaRK - The Duck and the Darklings [PDF 1.5mb] by Amanda Gilligan, Vicky Valensise and Mira Najdovska

SPaRK - Suri's Wall [PDF 3.2mb] by Amanda Gilligan and Mira Najdovska

SPaRK - The Wolf's Story: What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood by Amanda Gilligan and Mira Najdovska

SPaRK - The Day the Crayons Quit [PDF 1.7mb] by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - The Right Word: Roget and his Thesaurus [PDF 1.8mb] by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Me, Teddy [PDF 1.1mb] by Kelly Hodkinson

SPaRK - Fabulous Frogs [PDF 1.3mb] by Mira Najdovska

SPaRK - Lightning Jack [PDF 1.9mb] by Mira Najdovska and Sally Rasaiah

SPaRK - A Tale of Two Beasts [PDF 1.1mb] by Sally Rasaiah and Kelly Hodkinson

No 4

Collaboration for future learning [PDF 3.2mb] by Steve Wilkins and Eric Land

Learning creatively with STEM [PDF 1.4mb] by Chris Hopkins

Future focused learning – step forward and lead by example [PDF 1.4mb] by Marlene Filippi

Peer reviewed article - Choosing to teach with quality literature: from reading (through talk) to writing [PDF 1.3mb] by Alyson Simpson

SPaRK - On the River [PDF 1.5mb] by Kelly Hodkinson

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