Vol 34 2015

No 1

Our stories, your stories, war stories [PDF 1.7mb] by Gillian Gratton

Scaffolding for success: Support students amazing journey with Guided Inquiry [PDF 1.5mb] by Jenny Scheffers and Glenda Alekna

Peer reviewed article - The Mars lab: connecting authentic science with the classroom [PDF 1.7mb] by Dr Carol Oliver, Dr Jennifer Fergusson, Peter Mahony, James Oliver, Isabelle Kingsley, and Craig Brown

SPaRK - How do insects grow and change? The Making of a Monarch Butterfly [PDF 318kb] by Gaye Braiding

SPaRK - Promoting critical perception: thinking big and re-imagining spaces [PDF 421kb] by Helen Yip

No 2

Building student engagement: brick by brick [PDF 3mb] by Kate McKenzie

Working for success in Area of Study: Discovery [PDF 4.7mb] by Michael Murray

Peer reviewed article - Challenge, community and a fair go [PDF 11.8mb] by Professor Wayne Sawyer

SPaRK - The artwork, the world and the artist: Matisse's Garden [PDF 788kb] by Cath Keane

SPaRK - The invisible made visible: Activating ways of seeing [PDF 409kb] by Helen Yip

No 3

Engaging with Asia through History [PDF 2.6mb] by Ian Simpson

Gearing up for success with DoE Google Apps for Education [PDF 1mb] by Michelle Hostrup

Supporting Multicultural Education [PDF 682kb] by Lynley Qureshi and Eveline Mouglalis

Peer reviewed article - High possibility classrooms : creating iHistorians and iGeographers [PDF 1.4mb] by Dr Jane Hunter

SPaRK - Moment to memento: Illuminating time and memory [PDF 358kb] by Helen Yip

No 4

Creating learning opportunities with the Great Book Swap [PDF 1.7mb] by Fran Handley

Robotics and coding inspiring future learning [PDF 2mb] by Kylie Burrett

Peer reviewed article - Guided inquiry in practice [PDF 1.2mb] by Lee Fitzgerald

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