Volume 39, 2020

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No 1

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Peer reviewed article - Enhancing memory for learning: Teachers' journeys of implementing memory strategies in their classrooms by Dr Richard Johnson, Dr Sam Ginsberg and Dr Naomi Wilks-Smith.

Interoception as a proactive tool to decrease challenging behaviour by Dr Emma Goodall

Examining persuasive techniques using visual and digital texts by Jennifer Asha

No 2

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Constructing meaning with persuasive online advertisements by Jennifer Asha

Design thinking across the curriculum by Tahlea Taylor

The importance of multicultural young adult fiction: Reflecting our current multicultural zeitgeist by Pooja Mathur

No 3

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Book bento boxes: Creative reading response by Dr Jennie Bales and Louise Saint-John

‘Read for your life!’ An interview with Ursula Dubosarsky

SPaRK - This is a Poem that Heals Fish by Dr Cathy Sly

No 4

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School libraries in a 'Learning from home' era by June Wall

This issue also includes a selection of past Scan articles and SPaRKs to support learning from home, including:


Shared Practice and Resource Kits (SPaRKs)

No 5

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Subject matter knowledge: It matters! by Christine Mae

SPaRK – The River and the Book by James Witchard

Learning in the time of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) – reimagining normal by Carole Hansen

No 6

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Peer reviewed article - A vision for mathematical expertise and excellence by Christine Mae.

SPaRK – The Blue Bench: Encouraging mindfulness by Abby Jansen

Picture perfect: The role of picture books in a secondary classroom by Trisha Templeton

No 7

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An eloquent silence: The value of wordless narratives by Dr Cathy Sly

Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 history: Collaboration between teacher librarians and classroom teachers by Amber Sorensen

Developing EAL/D student writing practices in a digital age: A focus on informative text types by Sussan Allaou

No 8

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Launching spelling through reading and writing by Robyn Wild

SPaRK - The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Holly Robinson

Peer reviewed article - School librarians making global connections: Conjecture mapping and researcher practitioner partnerships by Dr Barbara Schultz-Jones, Dr Marcia Mardis and Dr Sue Kimmel

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