Volume 39, 2020

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No 1

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Peer reviewed article - Enhancing memory for learning: Teachers' journeys of implementing memory strategies in their classrooms by Dr Richard Johnson, Dr Sam Ginsberg and Dr Naomi Wilks-Smith

Interoception as a proactive tool to decrease challenging behaviour by Dr Emma Goodall

Examining persuasive techniques using visual and digital texts by Jennifer Asha

No 2

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Constructing meaning with persuasive online advertisements by Jennifer Asha

Design thinking across the curriculum by Tahlea Taylor

The importance of multicultural young adult fiction: Reflecting our current multicultural zeitgeist by Pooja Mathur

No 3

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Book bento boxes: Creative reading response by Dr Jennie Bales and Louise Saint-John

‘Read for your life!’ An interview with Ursula Dubosarsky

SPaRK - This is a Poem that Heals Fish by Dr Cathy Sly

No 4

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School libraries in a 'Learning from home' era by June Wall

This issue also includes a selection of past Scan articles and SPaRKs to support learning from home, including:


Shared Practice and Resource Kits (SPaRKs)

No 5

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Subject matter knowledge: It matters! by Christine Mae

SPaRK – The River and the Book by James Witchard

Learning in the time of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) – reimagining normal by Carole Hansen

No 6

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Peer reviewed article - A vision for mathematical expertise and excellence by Christine Mae

SPaRK – The Blue Bench: Encouraging mindfulness by Abby Jansen

Picture perfect: The role of picture books in a secondary classroom by Trisha Templeton

No 7

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An eloquent silence: The value of wordless narratives by Dr Cathy Sly

Guided Inquiry in Stage 4 history: Collaboration between teacher librarians and classroom teachers by Amber Sorensen

Developing EAL/D student writing practices in a digital age: A focus on informative text types by Sussan Allaou

No 8

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Launching spelling through reading and writing by Robyn Wild

SPaRK - The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Holly Robinson

Peer reviewed article - School librarians making global connections: Conjecture mapping and researcher practitioner partnerships by Dr Barbara Schultz-Jones, Dr Marcia Mardis and Dr Sue Kimmel

No 9

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Cultural competency: Reconciliation in action by Alanna Raymond

Decision making for students with disability in the mainstream classroom by Jennifer Stephenson, Mark Carter, Amanda Webster, Neale Waddy, Robert Stevens, Melissa Clements and Talia Morris

SPaRK – The Printmaking Ideas Book by Helen Yip

No 10

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Getting real: Learning with (and about) augmented reality by Trisha Templeton

Collaboration, innovation and adaptation: Quality teaching in a changing environment by Carole Hansen

Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests: Teaching and learning Aboriginal Languages and culture in NSW by Dr Rowan Savage

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