QTR workshops

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is a department-endorsed, research-based, high-impact professional learning approach to improving teaching practice. It enhances participants' knowledge about the department's Quality Teaching model. Using the model, teachers and leaders engage in a powerful rounds process that enables them to collaborate effectively, so that they can continuously refine their quality teaching practice. As a result of the training, teachers will be able to confidently lead and participate in small professional learning communities (PLC) focused on teaching improvement. These communities can be within schools or across schools and can operate in an online environment (Digital QTR).

Department schools are able to access free training* in QTR throughout 2020 in two ways.

1. Complete the two-day QTR professional development course

Information about the registered course (10 hours at Proficient and Lead) is available via https://www.newcastle.edu.au/research-and-innovation/centre/teachers-and-teaching/quality-teaching-rounds/professional-development.

2. Join a research study

Opportunities to contribute to the research are ongoing in 2020 for:

a) primary schools to participate in a study exploring the impact of QTR on student progress and achievement.**

Involves four teachers for four days each. At least one teacher should have a Stage 2 class. Teachers should have zero or minimal QTR experience.

After attending a two-day workshop, teachers will form a PLC and participate in randomly allocated PD activities, including QTR. In Terms 1 and 4, Stage 2 teachers will have two lessons observed by a researcher and their students will be asked to complete online achievement tests (maths, reading, science).

b) teachers in small schools or rural and remote schools to participate in a study exploring the impact of QTR on teachers and students when it is delivered using an online environment (Digital QTR).***

Stage 2 to 5 teachers from schools that employ eight or fewer teachers or are located in a rural or remote setting can participate. It is preferable that Stage 4 and 5 teachers teach mathematics or English. Teachers should have zero or minimal QTR experience.

After participating in a two-day online workshop, teachers will be allocated to a digital PLC with participants from other schools and regions to participate in online PD activities (4 days each). Teachers will video record a lesson during the rounds process in Term 2 and two lessons for research purposes in Terms 1 and 4. Their students will also complete online achievement tests in Terms 1 and 4.

Opportunities to participate in this ground-breaking research will close on Friday 14 February 2020 for study (a) and Friday 28 February for study (b). If interested, contact the University of Newcastle at qtr@newcastle.edu.au or (02) 4921 7429 as soon as possible.

*Workshop fee of $750 per teacher is waived for first two teachers per new school trained in 2020.

** Schools participating in the outcomes research are eligible for $10-20K of funding for teacher release.

*** Teachers participating in Digital QTR are eligible for $3K in funding for release.

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