Tailored Development Program

Providing a tailored development program for school support staff identified as needing professional support and guidance to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities aligned to their statement of duties or role description through individualised support and a tailored development learning plan. The tailored development program (TDP) team will work with principals and nominated school support staff with identified capability concerns, by providing support and guidance up to a 10-week period.

Support overview

We provide an additional layer of support to improve the capability standards of nominated staff and to provide a clear understanding of their role within their school. All participants will be actively engaged with the performance and development process and have opportunities to build their capacity through a range of universal and individualised support processes to guide growth in their role.

Support includes:

  • encourage, support and develop skills, knowledge and capabilities of staff identified as having capability concerns
  • provide support to principals to guide the development of participants
  • increase meaningful engagement with the performance and development process (PDP)
  • introduce participants to tailored development learning plans.

Identified concerns in school support staff

The TDP team will provide school support staff who have been identified as needing support and guidance to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to fulfil the requirements of their statement of duties/role description.

Capability concerns could include:

  • work that may not be reaching required standards in terms of quantity, quality or timeliness
  • inability to demonstrate proficient work practices as outlined in standards, criteria, procedures and guidelines
  • below the required standard relating to responsibilities, capabilities and directions of their statement of duties/role description.

The key stages for additional support

Dealing with identified areas of concern require a staged process which is fair, timely and transparent, consistently applied and has regard to the circumstances of the case.

These stages are:

  1. Early identification and tailored support through the Performance and Development cycle to address identified areas of concern

  2. Undertaking a tailored development program up to a 10-week period that aligns with the participant’s Statement of Duties / Role Description.

Early identification and the provision of tailored development support, in most cases, address identified areas of concern.

Support content

Each identified staff member is provided support for up to a 10-week period by the TDP team. This includes an introductory session and then weekly 1-hour sessions.

Prior to the commencement of support, the principal consults with the participant to provide an assessment that identifies the knowledge, skill and capability concerns limiting performance. At this point the TDP team will develop a tailored development learning plan to promote knowledge, skills and capabilities to provide indicators for success.

The principal and TDP team connect regularly, and it is recommended the principal has an informal weekly meeting with the participant regarding their development.

All support is delivered virtually and does not include conduct issues.

Tailored development learning plans

The tailored development learning plan is a document that aligns with the key areas of concern identified by the principal, in relation to the statement of duties and the participant’s performance and development plan (PDP).

The plan is a support document that identifies learning that is role-specific, supports growth in identified focus areas and individualised learning for the participant to enhance their PDP.

Who may be included

All permanent or long-term temporary staff from the below classifications may be included in the support:

  • Aboriginal Education Officers
  • Business Managers
  • Community Liaison Officers
  • Farm Assistants
  • General Assistants
  • School Administrative Managers
  • School Administrative Officers
  • School Learning Support Officers
  • Student Support Officers

Further information

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us via email at learning.delivery@det.nsw.edu.au or select the button below.

Lead: Mandi Gumbrell 0436 924 899

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