Excellence in School Administration Strategy

The Excellence in School Administration strategy is designed to enhance the administrative capacity of the school by focusing on the relationships, leadership and administrative practices of non-teaching staff. It supports a culture of continuous improvement.

The strategy focuses in particular on the professional development of school administrative and support (SAS) staff in all school settings across NSW. It provides enhanced support for school administrative staff as the front-office face of the school.

NSW public education is undergoing major reform. The role of the school principal has been redefined, with more authority to make decisions and greater accountability for those decisions. To demonstrate successful accountability and enhance their focus on instructional leadership the principal is increasingly relying on quality administrative practices.

Evidence confirms that the quality of school customer relationships has an impact on community confidence in school operations and student enrolments. A key professional practice of school administrative staff is establishing quality customer relationships with the school community.

Effective administrative leaders will be supported to systematically build the capacity of SAS staff to enhance administrative mindsets and practices in three ways.

The three elements of Excellence in School Administration

The three elements of Excellence in School Administration are:

  1. Excellence in School Administration Framework
    A framework has been developed to support growth of customer relationships and administrative practices across all school settings. The framework will assist schools to plan professional development for SAS staff teams in conjunction with School Administrative and Support staff Reference Groups (SRGs).
  2. Professional learning resources to support SAS staff growth
    New resources will build capacity for SAS staff in all school settings. A suite of resources for use online and face-to-face have been developed to support growth in quality customer relationships, team building and improving current processes and administrative practices in schools. An Excellence in School Customer Service 360 Reflection tool has also been developed to provide information about customer relationships.
  3. Schools coaching and mentoring
    Research describes coaching and mentoring as an important part of professional development for all staff. It will be used in this strategy to support leadership development. A team of expert School Administration Managers (SAMs) have been trained to provide coaching and mentoring to administrative leaders and aspiring administrative leaders. These experts will work together, as a state-wide pool, offering differentiated support to SAS staff. Funding will be provided until June 2019 to identified secondary SAMs and aspiring SAMs to support their participation in the coach-mentoring. An EOI process will identify these participants.
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