Enhancing Capacity Pilot Program

The purpose of the program is to support all classifications of school based non-teaching staff with professional learning and networking opportunities to enable:

  • excellence in service;
  • high performing and well-functioning teams and
  • best practice that supports the entire school, community, students, teachers, principals, parents/caregivers and visitors.

Our approach when supporting schools is to establish a collaborative partnership that values the experience and expertise of others to build high functioning teams and adds value to the educational experience of students in NSW public schools.

About the program

It is a whole school program, supporting all classifications of non-teaching staff including:

  • Aboriginal Engagement Officers
  • Business Managers
  • Community Liaison Officers
  • General Assistants
  • Farm Assistants
  • School Administrative Managers
  • School Administrative Officers
  • School Learning and Support Officers.

Tailored learning plans

A tailored learning plan for each classification is designed to align to an individual Professional Development Plan (PDP) and focus on:

  • developing self and others; engaging and working with the community; policy and procedures; managing customer complaints; PDP; WHS; plan and priortise; wellbeing; school excellence; building relationships and working collaboratively.
  • improve administrative mindsets and practices
  • build strong administrative teams in schools
  • promote professional learning opportunities aligned to PDPs
  • support implementation of change management practices
  • support implementation of new school systems and structures.

Professional Learning mediums include:

  • live virtual sessions
  • recorded/anytime on demand sessions
  • face to face (when COVID restrictions are reduced) and
  • School Development Days all designed to meet a variety of needs.

Additional support for the non-teaching staff leaders

Additional support for the non-teaching staff leaders (School Administrative Managers, Business Managers and aspiring non-teaching staff leaders) includes:

  • two day leadership conference designed to include building a network of leaders that will continue to provide ongoing support to each other
  • one on one coaching component will consist of regular meetings (either via phone or virtual meeting).

The program is designed around the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and the Excellence in School Administration Framework (PDF 112 KB)

Further information

For further information about the enhancing capacity pilot program, please contact the PLNTS team at PLNTS@det.nsw.edu.au.

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