Excellence in School Administration coaching and mentoring program

The purpose of the coaching and mentoring element of the Excellence in School Administration Strategy is for expert School Administrative Managers (SAMs) known as development officers to work with school SAMs and aspiring SAMs in a coaching and mentoring capacity.

Expressions of interest for primary school SAMs are now open

Submit your applications to this mentoring program (beginning Term 2, 2019) by completing the following online registration form. Applications close on 20 March 2019.

About the program

A state-wide team of expert SAMs has been trained to offer differentiated support to non-teaching school staff. The coaching and mentoring will be offered in three tiers.

  • Tier 1 – individualised support provided to SAMs who are new, relieving or acting
  • Tier 2 – small group support provided to SAMs who have completed the tier 1 level and experienced SAMs who are working in a new context
  • Tier 3 – broad development and support offered to all SAMs state-wide

Coach-mentors located within each Operational Directorate will work in conjunction with mentees and principals to identify requirements and resources that support the development of excellent administrative practices in their school.  Mentees will receive coaching and mentoring using the Excellence in School Administration Framework (PDF 112 KB) to:

  • build leadership capacity
  • improve administrative mindsets and practices
  • build strong administrative teams in schools
  • promote professional learning opportunities
  • support implementation of change management practices
  • support implementation of new school systems and structures

Tier 1 – individual

Individual support provided over a period of six months to SAMs who are new, relieving or acting in the SAM role.

The coach-mentors will work side-by-side with SAMs to build administrative and leadership capabilities in NSW Public Schools state-wide. Coach-mentors will work in conjunction with mentees and principals to support the development of excellent administrative practices in their school, supported by the ESA framework (PDF 112 KB) and online resources.

Support provided:

  • individual coaching and mentoring
  • elbow-to-elbow support
  • video conferencing
  • telephone
  • Adobe connect
  • email

Tier 1 participants will be required to:

  • commit to a six month program
  • work with an expert mentor who has extensive school leadership and administrative experience
  • complete assessments throughout the program
  • engage in elbow-to-elbow mentoring
  • participate in professional learning where identified in the mentoring plan
  • participate in mentoring and activities through video-conferencing, Adobe Connect and telephone
  • provide feedback through evaluation surveys describing their involvement in the initiative and its impact

Tier 2 – small group

Small group support provided over a period of twelve months to SAMs who have completed the tier 1 level and experienced SAMs who are working in a new context.

Support provided:

  • Adobe connect
  • small group coaching through video conferencing
  • telephone and email support

Tier 3 – broad

Broad development and support provided to all experienced and aspiring SAMs.

Support provided:

  • professional learning to strengthen leadership capacity
  • resources to support growth in quality customer relationships
  • information on key departmental reforms to maintain currency of administrative practices
  • expert advice to local network groups

Further information

For further information, contact the coaching and mentoring team:

Jenny Jackson
Coordinator Excellence in School Administration
02 9266 8350

Development officers




Phone Number

Abbey Tyler – Project Officer


02 7814 2085

Robin Rowe


02 4904 3900

Donelle Whitehead


02 6623 5911

Donna Britten


0427 780 198

Kylie Williams



Mandi Gumbrell


0414 332 304

Kelly Macdonald


02 7814 2084

Karina Curry



Fiona HoodOxford St02 9266 8143




Phone Number

Julie Gilbert – Project Officer


02 4931 3518

Jenny Sullivan


02 6392 8428

Kelly Richards

Wagga Wagga

02 6937 3895

Camilla Stevens

Oxford St

02 9266 8143

Penny Westman


02 6755 5085

Jo Wall

Oxford St

02 9266 8143

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