Calculating study leave entitlement

Applicants must read the study assistance guidelines prior to applying for SAS staff Study Assistance.

The following information assists applicants calculate their study leave entitlement prior to applying for SAS staff Study Assistance.

Study leave entitlement

SAS staff study leave entitlement is based upon the number of subjects chosen and the applicant's regular working hours per week. SAS staff can claim for a maximum of 3 subjects per semester.

Leave is an award entitlement of time. Leave does not generally mean that relief is paid to the school.

Relief is only paid to the school when; the person who is on leave is from a TP1/TP2 school and or an SLSO accessing SAS staff Study Assistance leave.

Calculating leave entitlement

Using the table below applicants are able to calculate the number of hours per week of leave entitlement based upon the number of hours worked, full time equivalent (FTE) and the number of subjects studied enrolled in for the semester.

Total study entitlement = hours per week × number of weeks.

Note: TAFE courses have 16 weeks per semester and university courses have 13 weeks per semester.

Worked example

If I work 22 hours per week and intend to study 2 subjects at university, how much study leave can I apply for?

From the table, 22 hours per week and 2 subjects allows an entitlement of 1 hour per week.

Total allocation will be 13 lots of 1.0 hours.

13 weeks × 1.0 hour = 13.0 hours for the semester.

Permanent or long term temp hours per week FTE

3 Subjects

2 Subjects

1 Subject

Full time 1.0 3 hours 2 hours 1 hour
25 - 30 hours 1.0 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour
20 - 24 hours 0.6 1.5 hours  1 hour 45 mins
15 - 19 hours 0.5 1 hour 1 hour 30 mins
< 15 hours 0.0 None None None
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