PLNTS Working Groups

Professional learning for non-teaching staff is supported by eight state-wide, role-specific working groups:

  • Aboriginal Education Officer working group
  • Business Manager working group
  • Community Liaison Officers working group
  • General Assistant and Farm Assistant working group
  • School Administrative Manager working group
  • School Administrative Officer working group
  • School Learning Support Officer working group
  • Student Support Officer working group

The recommended representation of each working group is 16 members, including two representatives from the PLNTS team, one representative from the Public Service Association, one primary school representative from each operational directorate, one high school representative from each operational directorate, and one representative from a School for Specific Purposes (SSP).

The PLNTS team will consult with the working groups at least once per term as a means of developing learning plans for each classification and identifying professional learning needs that align to role descriptions and career pathways.

Further information

For more information, please contact the PLNTS team at

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