Work Education 7-10 Syllabus Implementation

Focuses on the Work Education 7-10 syllabus. Resources will be made available that can be contextualised for Years 7-10 cohorts.


This professional development will provide teachers with an opportunity to understand the new Work Education syllabus and learn how to implement it across years 7-10. Teachers will learn about the changes and additions of this syllabus.

Clear standards of student expectations of knowledge will be outlined as well as structures and processes by which teachers can provide continuity of learning for all students.

Teachers will be given time to explore and develop a contextualised scope and sequence and subsequent programs for their school using templates provided. They will use their school plan to guide their planning.

Resources which include programs developed by experienced and practicing teachers will be highlighted and teachers will be given time to explore the range of resources available and how they can be used to enhance student learning. Teachers will be given a programming template to begin developing their lessons.

Evaluation and feedback of the syllabus outcomes have been embedded within the course resources. An e-portfolio/portfolio will be the final end course requirement for the 100 or 200 course. Discussion and examples of syllabus options will be included in the professional learning..


  • High School HSIE

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