Teaching English Language Learners across the curriculum (TELL)

Professional learning to support teachers of EAL/D learners across the range of school subject areas.


The Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) course program is organised into 6 modules each of 2 hours duration. It is based on an action inquiry model of professional learning. Between-module tasks and readings provide participants with a program for reflection and application of their learning as part of an action research process.

  • Module 1 gives an introduction to student diversity, second language acquisition and the language demands of the curriculum.
  • Module 2 describes models of scaffolding for EAL/D learners' language development and learning. It examines how to create high challenge and high support learning environments for English language learners and analyses the language demands of school texts.
  • Module 3 explores the role of talking in learning. It analyses the differences between formal and informal, spoken and written language and how teachers can scaffold talking and listening. It looks at developing rich tasks that are both challenging and supportive of English language learners.
  • Module 4 examines the differences between first and second language literacy, the challenges for EAL/D students learning to read and how to teach reading to English language learners.
  • Module 5 examines the writing demands of the curriculum areas and how to scaffold EAL/D students' writing.
  • Module 6 explores effective assessment of EAL/D students. It brings together elements of EAL/D pedagogy covered in the course into planning a teaching sequence for English language learning.

The modules make up 12 hours of the program. The other 12 hours of the program require participants to complete five between-module tasks and an end of course presentation. Each between-module task requires at least 2 hours to complete and reflect on..


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