Quality Assessment and feedback in Year 11 English Extension 1

Blended online learning supporting teachers to develop high quality assessment and feedback for Year 11 English Extension 1 that is delivered over the term.


This professional learning consists of 5 web conferences run through Adobe Connect. This 9 hours of registered professional learning course supports teachers to develop a deep understanding of how to design and deliver high-quality assessment and feedback. Participants will reflect on their current practice in the context of the Stage 6 English Extension 1 syllabus and assessment and reporting requirements.

Participants will engage in a modelled, guided and independent process to review and evaluate sample assessment and feedback materials using self and peer evaluation rubrics. Participants will explore how they can utilise assessment data to differentiate for student learning and modify teaching and learning practice.

This is followed by self and peer review and evaluation of their own documentation using the same research and syllabus aligned rubrics. Annotations will outline the plans for refining the task and feedback procedures. This evaluation process is a core requirement of the assessment cycle.

Required material:

Participants will need to bring with them an existing Year 11 English Extension 1 assessment task and assessment schedule, and Year 11 English Extension 1 formal assessment task and associated student work samples. The student work samples must contain teacher feedback.


Teachers will be supported to collaborate through MS Teams platform. Deliverables will be submitted in MS Teams: annotated formal assessment and student work samples in the online platform MS Teams.

Teachers from schools across NSW are encouraged to apply as the digital platform enables participation from all locations..

Module outline

Module 1 (1 hour): Collaborating in MS Teams

Module 2 (2 hours): Understanding and Applying Standards

Module 3 (2 hours): Designing Quality Assessment

Module 4 (2 hours): Designing and Applying Quality Marking

Module 5 (2 hours): Annotating Student Work Samples


  • High School English

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