Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice (online)

Builds the capacity of school leaders to embed collaborative teaching practice in their school communities.

This course will count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development (PD) hours (known as Elective PD under NESA’s new Accreditation of PD Courses Policy).


Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice (CTP) is an 11 hour an 30 minute fully-online course that explores the critical role of educational leaders as enablers of effective school-wide collaboration. Intended for educators in both formal and informal leadership positions, the course examines how CTP is informed by current research, policy, and curriculum. Participants will:

  • examine and critique current findings on high-impact collaboration practices that include fostering collective teacher efficacy, building trust, managing difficult conversations and engaging in the co-teaching cycle;
  • investigate self-assessment models to understand both individual and team capabilities;
  • examine evaluative thinking approaches (CESE, 2018) to plan how CTP impact will be measured;
  • adapt research findings and instrumentation relevant to their school context and design pre- and post-initiative evaluations to measure the impact of CTP on student outcomes in their school;
  • benchmark their school’s CTP effectiveness against quality indicators in the School Excellence Framework (SEF) and their current school plan; and
  • self-pace through six online modules, complete corresponding activities in an online journal, and post reflections in a course Yammer page.

Note: SLEC also offers ‘Collaborative Teaching Practice’, an online professional learning course intended for classroom practitioners rather than current school leaders. The course is also self-paced with an online mode of delivery and would make a suitable companion course for classroom teachers to undertake while colleagues complete this leading course..


  • School Leader

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