Languages K-10 syllabus familiarisation and planning eCourse

This registered eCourse supports language teachers 7-10 to implement the K-10 language syllabuses released by NESA from 2017.


The eCourse's objective is for participants to develop their understanding of the new Languages K-10 Framework and related syllabuses and to consider the implications for programming. This registered course is for teachers 7-10 in NSW public schools only, who are teaching Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. It supports the K-10 syllabuses published 2017-2019.

The eCourse has been co-designed with practising teachers. There are 7 online parts to complete, and a post-course assignment to submit. Participants explore the syllabus outcomes and content to support the development of their teaching and learning programs.

If you are a language teacher 7-10, you need to successfully complete all components (Parts 1- 7 and the assignment) to receive the Accredited PD hours. Alternatively, you can complete Parts 1-7 only and add this as Elective PD on eTAMS..


  • High School Languages

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