Introduction to music within the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus

Unpacks musical concepts within the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus through practical application to learning for understanding in the K-6 classroom.


'Introduction to music within the Creative Arts K-6' offers teachers and school leaders the opportunity to engage in professional learning in music as an artform within the NSW Creative Arts K-6 syllabus.


This eLearning course is divided into two modules. Each module must be completed in order to successfully finish the course.

Module 1

  1. Why do we teach music?
  2. Music and your school
  3. Where to start?
  4. Syllabus content menu
  5. Assessment
  6. What next?

Module 2

  1. Revision: Why do we teach music?
  2. Revision: Musical concepts
  3. Interpreting the syllabus: the learning experiences
  4. Music and its links to literacy, numeracy and other KLAs
  5. Assessment

In each of the online modules, participants will plan, deliver and be given feedback on two targeted music lessons they teach. Participants will receive individual feedback. They will also be required to answer multiple-choice style assessment questions throughout in order to progress through the course. This course offers practical strategies for teaching music within the K-6 classroom as well as unpacking syllabus metalanguage..


  • Primary School

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