EAL/D Orientation: for teachers newly appointed to EAL/D positions

Provides teachers newly appointed to EAL/D positions with an understanding of the operation and management of EAL/D programs in public schools.


The EAL/D Orientation includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to EAL/D Education
    Participants will understand the policy context pf EAL/D support, EAL/D student diversity and the roles and responsibilities of the EAL/D teacher
  2. EAL/D Pedagogy and practice
    Participants will understand the key theories that underpin EAL/D teaching and learning and understand how to scaffold students to learn a second language in an academic setting.
  3. Using EAL/D tools to support teaching and learning
    Participants will understand how to assess language proficiency using the EAL/D Learning Progression and the ESL Scales. They will understand how to use EAL/D curriculum frameworks and the relationship of these tools to the teaching and learning cycle.
  4. Getting Organised
    Participants identify effective models of EAL/D program organisation to plan for co-teaching. They will learn how to use the EAL/D School Evaluation Framework for whole school evaluation of EAL/D programs.
  5. EAL/D Classroom Practice
    Participants will view illustrations of EAL/D classroom practice as well as examples of whole school EAL/D program organization.
  6. Bringing it all together
    Participants will use a backward mapping approach and the teaching and learning cycle to apply knowledge gained throughout the EAL/D Orientation program to deconstruct learning and plan EAL/D support..


  • EAL/D Teacher

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