Principals, School Leadership

The Principal, School Leadership role is designed to support the professional learning, wellbeing and ongoing capabilities of school leaders in NSW public schools.

Principals, School Leadership provide professional support to principals and school leaders to assist them in developing healthy and sustainable leadership practices.

Principals, School Leadership working full-time and part-time are located in offices across NSW. They are available to support principals to build their leadership capabilities and organisational effectiveness to lead high quality NSW public schools.

Principals, School Leadership are experienced principals with wide ranging skills and extensive knowledge. They use a range of mentoring, coaching and professional learning approaches to build leadership capacity. The support provided by a Principal, School Leadership can be personalised to meet the individual needs of school leaders and where appropriate, this support may include confidential discussion.

The role of Principals, School Leadership

The role of Principals, School Leadership is to:

  • work with principals in developing evidence-based approaches to guide school strategic directions, planning, monitoring and evaluation for improved student learning outcomes and the continuous professional learning and development of teacher and leader capabilities within and beyond their local contexts
  • model and contribute to healthy, effective, sustainable leadership work practices in schools and where necessary, support principals and leaders in managing complex issues that may impact negatively on the performance of the school and principal
  • facilitate principals' understanding and knowledge regarding the application of significant funding under the resource allocation model to points of greatest strategic importance and need as identified by evidence-based decision making and within the context of broader system wide strategic priorities and directions
  • assist principals to facilitate and establish communities of practice across networks of schools to generate cultures enhanced by shared learning, growth and innovation
  • collaborate with principal professional associations, Directors, Educational Leadership and the Leadership and High Performance Directorate to facilitate the development of new principals and to establish mentoring relationships for principals at all stages of their leadership.

During 2017, coaches have been appointed to support the NSW School Leadership Strategy. Working one day per week the Principal, School Leadership Coach will:

  • support newly appointed first-time principals to develop the professional practices and leadership requirements articulated in the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and Leadership Profiles (2015)
  • work collaboratively with the principal and Director, Educational Leadership to support newly appointed first-time principals in developing their knowledge and understanding of policy requirements.

Further information

Principal, School Leadership information sheet (PDF 113KB)

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