Our research

We support research in the area of professional experience for teacher education. Professional Experience Hub Schools and their university partners are able to explore areas of research that build knowledge of effective professional experience.

Some of the research projects include:

The role of the school-based professional experience coordinators in professional experience

During 2019 -2020 there is a project underway to explore the role of the school-based professional experience coordinator. All universities and all Hub schools are involved in this action research.

Pre-service teachers' voices on inclusive education

This research project will examine the relationship of professional experience with a specialist school that supports students with a disability.

Mentoring video website

A joint research project by the NSW Council of Deans of Education and the Department of Education developed a number of videos and resources which demonstrate pre-service teachers working towards the Australian Professional Standards at Graduate level and teaching at the level of the Graduate Standards.

These are intended to be used in a developmental growth model that focuses on the mentoring steps supervising teachers could take to help the teacher education student move to the next level. They are all available on the NSW Council of Deans of Education website at http://nswcde.org.au/resources/.

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