Student Behaviour Strategy

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This short video is intended for principals, teachers and school staff. It provides information on the suite of foundational and specialist professional learning on behaviour support and management which will be available for all staff, as well as an overview of the new behaviour specialists and the panel of pre-qualified behaviour support service providers.

For more information on these new initiatives, and to access additional resources, visit the Student Behaviour Strategy page on the staff intranet.

Student Behaviour Strategy overview

In Term 1, we are launching the Student Behaviour Strategy.

We know that behaviour support is critical to creating engaging and effective classrooms.

In 2018, the Department commissioned the Telethon Kids Institute to undertake an evidence review of what works best to support student behaviour needs.

Based on this work, we identified principles to guide the Student Behaviour Strategy.

Key among these was that best practice in supporting student behaviour involves a preventive, student-centred and positive approach.

The Strategy also incorporates the findings and recommendations of independent inquiries and is informed by data analysis of suspensions and stakeholder consultation over two years.

Our teachers and school staff currently implement a range of behaviour support strategies to meet the diverse and changing needs of their students.

Student behaviour can be complex and challenging.

We want to strengthen the system of support for students and staff to create safe and respectful learning and working environments.

The Student Behaviour Strategy sets out high-level directions to expand and enhance student behaviour support.

We will be taking a phased approach and working with staff, students, parents and carers, school communities and stakeholder groups to make sure we get it right.

In 2021, the following initiatives will launch as the first phase of the Student Behaviour Strategy: New professional learning to provide greater support to teachers and school staff; Behaviour specialists to embed specialist support for schools in our existing delivery support workforce; and an expanded panel of specialist behaviour support service providers to make it easier for schools to engage services to support student needs.

A suite of foundational and specialist professional learning on behaviour support and management will be available for all staff, including: classroom management fundamentals, an introduction to Positive Behaviour for Learning, Positive Behaviour for Learning: School-wide systems of support, an introduction to functional behaviour assessment, and understanding behaviour for non-teaching school staff.

Classroom management fundamentals.

This course explores a range of evidence-based classroom management and behaviour support strategies.

Focus areas include: an introduction to current behaviour support theory and research; strategies for managing an effective, engaging and positive classroom environment; practical techniques for setting expectations, rules, routines and consequences; promoting active engagement in the classroom; and responding to student behaviour, including complex, challenging and unsafe behaviour.

An introduction to Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning is a whole school approach to creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate.

It provides schools with a framework for developing a continuum of support that promotes learning and wellbeing for all students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning has been delivered in schools since 2004. To ensure all staff can access the program, we have adapted it into e-learning modules. More modules will be rolled out in 2021.

This introductory course outlines the evidence base and foundational concepts.

Positive Behaviour for Learning: School-wide systems of support

This course aims to build school-wide systems of behavioural, social and emotional support.

Schools will establish a leadership team to develop, implement and evaluate the seven essential features of positive behaviour for learning systems and practices, including defining, teaching and encouraging expected behaviour and responding to inappropriate behaviour with data-informed decision making.

An introduction to functional behaviour assessment

Functional-based assessment is a systematic approach for identifying the form, function and context of student behaviours.

This course provides an overview of the critical elements of functional behaviour assessment to support students displaying complex and challenging behaviours. It also builds capability in student and family engagement. This course provides the understanding and knowledge required to observe and assess the function of student behaviour. It is most suited to learning and support teams.

Understanding behaviour

This course has been designed specifically for non-teaching school-based staff. Non-teaching staff make a significant contribution to student progress and achievement, supporting students, teachers and principals and maintaining positive relationships with parents, caregivers and the wider school community.

This course provides an understanding of the factors that influence student behaviour and explores strategies that can be helpful in responding to behaviour. This course will support non-teaching staff to recognise behaviour as a continuum so they are better equipped to respond safely when behaviours of concern occur.

Behaviour Specialists

New behaviour specialists commence in Term 1.

The behaviour specialists were recruited for their specialist skills in behaviour management and expertise working with students with complex and challenging behaviours.

These staff will facilitate integrated service support by providing advice, building capacity and working collaboratively with schools and the existing Delivery Support workforce, including: Learning and Wellbeing Coordinators, Networked Specialist Facilitators, NDIS Coordinators, Learning and Wellbeing Advisors and Officers, Assistant Principals Learning and Support, Out of Home Care Teachers, Home School Liaison Officers, Aboriginal Student Liaison Officers, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers, and School Counselling Service.

The behaviour specialists will also provide complex case support where required.

We will work with schools to develop and refine the model of working throughout 2021.

A panel of prequalified behaviour support service providers

The Specialist Allied Health Service Provider Scheme launched in Term 2, 2020.

The pre-qualified panel of service providers, includes specialist behaviour support providers.

We are working to improve and streamline access to the Scheme. This will include better guidance to assist schools to identify student needs and to select the right provider.

The Scheme will be expanded in Term 3, 2021 to include additional specialist behaviour support service providers.

For more information on these new initiatives, and to access additional resources, visit the Student Behaviour Strategy page on the staff intranet.

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