Learning authors and session support officers

People who had designated roles in MyPL@Edu will keep these roles in MyPL. All developers and deliverers are now known as learning authors.

Learning authors:

  • author new courses or programs
  • author content (Learning assets) to be used in the course creation process
  • submit courses for endorsement as registered/non-registered professional development
  • schedule sessions to enable participants to enrol

Session support officers:

  • manage enrolments for a session
  • record the results of a session


Training courses and other materials are available online to assist in developing and delivering courses in MyPL. Your local network administrator will also be able to provide advice and support.

  • The basic user online course explains the main features and uses of MyPL.
  • The learning author online course explains how to submit a course for approval.
  • Creating and Submitting a Non-Registered course (PDF 1.8MB).
  • This short guide is for Learning Authors who have some experience in creating and submitting Non-Registered courses, and just require a quick reference guide to become familiar with Submitting a Non-Registered Course (PDF 250 KB) again.
  • The following document gives a visual description of the end to end workflow for creating and submitting non-registered courses in MyPL
  • Creating a New Trackable Document Asset describes how to upload a document, audio, video, or a URL link to a web page.
  • Creating a New SCORM Asset describes how to upload a new online e-learning modulecreated in 3rd party applications e.g. Lectora and Captivate.

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