2011-2012 Leadership Fellowship award reports

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Frank Farrell Award

Implications for leadership in evaluating teacher effectiveness with a school or a community of schools

Ms Melinda Williams

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Florence Ramstead Award

Context and complexity: International best practice in leadership research and knowledge construction for inclusive schools

Mr Paul Wood

2011–2012 State Leadership Fellowship Jim Harkin Award

School improvement – The impact of system support on principal strategic leadership and planning skills

Mr Darryl Ward

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Mary Armstrong Award

Journeys to exemplary school leadership

Ms Mary-Jane Pell

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

Hunter/Central Coast Region Excelling against the odds: Quality leadership in challenging primary schools

Mr Graham Holmes

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

Illawarra and South East Region Leading educational change to effectively move students from average to proficient bands of achievement

Mr Terry Fisher

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

New England Region Leadership: The strategies schools use to promote positive relationships with parents and carers when working with children with learning support needs and disabilities

Mr Mal Donald

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

Northern Sydney Region Succession planning and preparation for leadership

Mrs Carrie Robertson

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

Sydney Region Investigating the role of leaders in reconceptualising ICT teaching through mobile information communication tools

Miss Sheila Bollard

2011–2012 Leadership Fellowship Award

Western Sydney Region Strategies for gifted secondary students in the United Kingdom: What works and what leaders can do to improve learning outcomes

Dr Jeanne Bathgate

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