2009 - 2010 Leadership Fellowship Award Reports

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Frank Farrell Award

Leadership – What practical school structures and strategies work to increase engagement in a middle school context?

Mr Garry Atkinson

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Mary Armstrong Award

An investigation of leadership in school redesign and organisational innovation in the United States of America, England and Denmark.

Dr Mark Carter

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Jim Harkin Award

Leading sustained whole school culture change through a positive behavior approach.

Mrs Janice Dolstra

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Florence Ramstead Award

The educational leadership, authority and accountability of principals in New South Wales public private partnership schools.

Mrs Kerry Poole

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Award

Western Region Enhancing leadership capacity to maximise middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematic outcomes.

Mr Paul Erickson

2009-2010 Leadership Fellowship Award

Illawarra and South East Region Strategic planning for leaders in relation to information technology and increased student outcomes with engaged learning.

Mrs Narelle Harding

2009-2010 Leadership and Fellowship Award

Sydney Region Social Inclusion: A principal's role in fostering and developing the social inclusion vision of aspiration and attainment.

Miss Chris Johnson

2009-2010 Fellowship Leadership North Coast Region

Dynamic leadership for school cultural change.

Mrs Susan Mackay

2009-2010 Fellowship Leadership Northern Sydney Region

An investigation into alternative models of school leadership.

Mr Warren Poole

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