Executive Preparation

The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) for executive preparation is an opportunity for classroom teachers seeking a formal leadership position and current executive in NSW public schools to enhance their leadership knowledge, skills and professional capabilities through a structured instructional leadership development program as either a participant or mentor.

Applications for the 2019 Leadership Development Initiative for executive preparation are now closed.

In the LDI for executive preparation, participants are supported to lead and evaluate a project in their school which focuses on leadership through peer collaboration. All participants are assigned a mentor from within their school to support them to implement their project. Leadership development support is also provided through conferences with expert presenters.

What does the LDI for executive preparation provide?

The initiative provides leadership development for classroom teachers as participants, and current executives as mentors.

Initiative funding of $6,000 for each successful participant and mentor in a NSW public secondary school or a rural and remote school is provided to the relevant school. The school uses this funding for the costs of attending conferences (casual relief, conference costs and travel) and to support mentoring activities throughout the program. Rural and remote participants receive additional funding to cover the cost of travel to Sydney.

Further information for schools about the initiative funding is available on the 2019 LDI Funding Conditions web page.

Metropolitan primary participants and mentors are required to cover costs incurred in attending conferences and mentoring activities through existing school funds.

Mentors also receive formal mentoring/coaching training including four one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced leadership coach.

What is the content of the professional learning conferences in the LDI?

The LDI supports participants to develop in their understanding and practical application of the key actions of instructional leadership including:

  • analysing data to inform practice
  • project design and logic modelling
  • coaching capabilities
  • leading high impact professional learning
  • measuring impact on teacher practice and student progress and achievement.

Support is also provided for participants to develop the personal qualities and social and interpersonal skills to positively influence individual and collective teaching expertise.

LDI participants and their mentors attend a two-day masterclass about feedback for learning with a leading educational expert. Feedback is an evidence-based practice recognised as improving student progress and achievement. Feedback forms the basis of participants’ projects.

Who is eligible to participate?

Participants are highly effective classroom teachers who seek a formal leadership position.

Mentors are current expert executive school leaders: principals, deputy principals, assistant principals and head teachers from the participant’s school who are nominated by the principal or Director, Educational Leadership (when the principal is the mentor). Mentors support leadership development and improve their understanding of how to support others to develop instructional leadership capabilities.

Mentors are required to directly assist colleagues in a structured mentoring relationship.

Participants and mentors must be prepared to commit for 12 months.

Applicants must have the approval of their current supervisor.

Participant and mentor commitments

Participants in the LDI must:

  • attend all professional learning and planning conferences and masterclasses
  • implement and evaluate a project as outlined below:
    • Executive Preparation: this project will be based on implementing effective feedback processes by influencing peers to improve their use of feedback through collaboration
  • report on the project: submit a project overview report and portfolio demonstrating evidence of implementation and impact of leadership at the end of the 12 month program
  • work collaboratively with their assigned mentor
  • report on the LDI: complete a progress survey in Term 3, 2019 and evaluation report in Term 2, 2020
  • advise the Leadership and High Performance directorate promptly of any change in ability to be involved in LDI.

Mentors involved with the LDI must:

  • attend all professional learning and planning conferences and masterclasses
  • work collaboratively with assigned participant(s), making contact on a regular, frequent basis
  • support and coach assigned participant(s) to implement and evaluate their instructional leadership project over a 12 month period
  • report to the department as required
  • advise Leadership and High Performance directorate promptly if any change in ability to be involved in LDI.

The Leadership and High Performance directorate may remove the eligibility of participants or mentors involved in the LDI if they do not meet their commitments.

Key dates for the 2019 program

The 2019 program began with a two-day introductory professional learning and planning conference for participants and mentors on 14-15 March 2019. The Term 2 conference will be held on 17-18 June 2019.

The two-day masterclass on feedback for learning will be held in Term 2 2019 on a date to be confirmed. All conferences will be held in Sydney.

What additional support is offered in the LDI?

Participants and mentors receive ongoing support facilitated by the LDI coordinators via Yammer, Adobe Connect sessions and G-suite resources.

Expert panels review end-of-project submissions and feedback is provided.

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