LDI/current executive EOI information

This page is intended to help participants complete their application for the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)/current executive expression of interest (EOI). It is recommended that participants draft responses in a Word document before completing the EOI via the participant's online application form. Mentors are recommended to proceed directly to the mentor's online application form.

Important information

The LDI/current executive is intended to grow the instructional leadership capacity of current leaders (deputy principals, assistant principals, teaching principals and head teachers).

Current leaders who are line managers of teachers or other executive are invited to submit an EOI to participate in the 2019 LDI/current executive.

Applications for both participants and mentors open on Friday 1 February 2019 and close on Wednesday 20 February 2019, 5pm.

If you require further assistance with this expression of interest application, please email leadership@det.nsw.edu.au

Participant commitment and requirements

While participation in the Leadership Development Initiative/current executive will be richly rewarding, it will involve a significant commitment of time and effort. Please read all information on the LDI/executive preparation page and consider your capacity to commit before submitting an expression of interest.

Your principal or Director, Educational Leadership (in the case of teaching principals) is required to endorse your application and may be contacted to discuss the information provided. Please ensure you have discussed this application with your principal or Director, Educational Leadership before submitting.

Before completing the application, participants will be required to verify that they:

  • understand the commitment required to participate in the 2019 LDI/current executive, which includes engaging with all components of the program such as professional learning conferences, mentoring activities and leading a project on feedback
  • have discussed their application with their principal or Director, Educational Leadership and sought their endorsement, and understand that the endorser may be contacted for more information
  • understand that eligibility for a grant is dependent on geographic location and school type.

The application

If you would like to begin preparing your application before the EOI opens, the following questions about your leadership capabilities and experience should serve as a guide.

  1. In what ways are you an exemplary teacher? (maximum 300 words)
  2. Why do you believe you are ready to undertake the LDI/current executive program? In your answer please refer to an initiative you have led (in your faculty, stage or other). What was the impact on teacher practice and/or student growth and achievement? (maximum 300 words)
  3. Reflecting on your leadership of the above initiative:
    1. what did you learn?
    2. what skills do you think you need to develop?  (maximum 300 words)
  4. Feedback is among the most powerful influences on achievement (Hattie). Your LDI (instructional leadership) project will focus on working collaboratively with your staff on the practice of effective feedback (refer to the department’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) document, What works best: Evidence–based practices to help improve NSW student performance).
    What are the current strengths and weaknesses of your staff in the area of giving feedback? (maximum 300 words)
  5. The project requires the participation of your staff in improving their use of feedback and gathering evidence of improvement. Please describe the challenges you expect to face? (maximum 300 words)

Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed by the selection panel in February 2019 and the successful applicants notified no later than Thursday 28 February 2019.

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