Leadership Development Initiative

The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is an opportunity for current school leaders at all levels and teachers seeking a formal leadership position, in NSW public schools. This initiative will enhance their knowledge, skills and professional capabilities through a structured instructional leadership development program as either a participant or a mentor.

What’s new in 2019?

In 2019, the LDI will support teachers, head teachers, assistant principals, deputy principals and teaching principals who wish to develop their instructional leadership capacity. Participants will commit to implementing and evaluating a 12-month instructional leadership project in their school. Participants will be supported through a structured program including professional learning conferences and working with a mentor. The focus for the instructional leadership project will be implementing effective feedback practices. A new aspect of the LDI in 2019 will be a two–day conference with a leading educational expert in feedback for learning.

In 2019, the LDI will have two components:

Participants in the LDI/current executive will lead and evaluate an instructional leadership project in their school. Participants in LDI/executive preparation will lead and evaluate a project which focuses on leadership through peer collaboration.

In 2019, support for accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher career stage is not a component of the LDI.

Available grants

Successful participants in NSW public secondary schools and rural and remote schools, as well as mentors may receive a grant to support participation. This grant is provided to cover the costs involved in attending conferences and mentoring activities. Metropolitan primary school staff are welcome to apply for the LDI on the condition that they are school-funded (that is, cover the costs involved in attending conferences and mentoring activities through school funds).

Criteria and key dates

Leadership Development Initiative component

Who can apply to participate?

Who can apply to be a mentor?

Applications due date

Executive preparation

Highly effective classroom teachers who are seeking a formal leadership position

School executive leaders

(principals nominate mentors from within the participant's school)

20 February 2019

Current executive

Assistant Principals, Head Teachers, Deputy Principals and Teaching Principals

Principals, Deputy Principals

20 February 2019

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