HSC Strategy School Implementation

A program for school leaders and practising Stage 6 teachers supporting raising academic outcomes for Stage 6 students school-wide.

About HSC Strategy School Implementation

HSC Strategy School Implementation (HSC Strategy SI) is a termly sequence of workshops for school teams.

The program aims to help every secondary school have its own contextually relevant program that leverages what teachers learn from HSC Professional Learning and HSC Action Learning Collectives.

The workshops will support participating school teams in taking an action research approach and will set up professional collaboration for Stage 6 teachers to apply evidence-based practices in their local context.

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2023 workshop dates

Who should attend?

Participating schools are required to register a small team (2-4), dependent on context, to attend these workshops. Each school team should include a combination of the following:

  • School executive
  • Practising Stage 6 teachers.

School executive involvement is important to support each designated school team to analyse their school's evolving evidence base and support the design and iteration of a bespoke HSC Strategy School Implementation plan.

The involvement of practising Stage 6 teacher/s is recommended as authentic modelling of HSC Strategy's high-impact teaching practices inside the school gate is required.

Benefits for schools

This program will help schools create a structure to:

  • professionally develop its school leaders to provide effective support for Stage 6 teachers implementing HSC Strategy practices
  • plan for collaborative activity at school using protocols that support teachers to safely consider their own theory of teaching practice
  • develop and iterate a school implementation model responsive to school-wide collections of evidence.

HSC Strategy

HSC Strategy School Implementation is part of the HSC Strategy, a program that provides professional learning for Stage 6 teachers, designed to support High Impact Professional Learning practices in schools.

The strategy supports teachers in improving student achievement collectively, regardless of a student's postcode or school's socio-economic status, and increasing the number of students who achieve in top bands in the HSC.

Programs within HSC Strategy include HSC Professional Learning, HSC Action Learning Collectives, and HSC Strategy School Implementation. Each is co-designed by a community of expert HSC teachers, curriculum experts, leading educators and academic partners.


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Learning Improvement
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